Buddy Program

The Buddy Program (Programa de Apadrinhamento do Intercambista – PAI) aims to promote integration between foreign students participating in the International Mobility Program and UFF students and the University as a whole. The buddies are responsible for assisting foreign students upon their arrival in Brazil and throughout the semester, helping them in many different ways, which are further detailed bellow.

Students are paired taking into account their undergraduate courses, their language knowledge and campus proximity. The goal is to pair UFF and foreign students that have as much in common as possible, in this way granting that the former will be as present to assist the latter as much as they can.

UFF students who participate in the program are volunteers, who choose to be part of it due to their desire of assisting international students, getting in touch with different cultures and people, and becoming a more global person. The program has been a great success among international and Brazilian students, and to participate in it, the mobility student simply has to state their interest in the online inscription form, in the appropriate field regarding the program.

The Buddy will help the foreign student with

  • Making contact before the student’s arrival in Brazil, in order to obtain information about their arrival date and exchange other important information;
  • Providing basic information about Niterói and UFF;
  • The process of finding a house to live in;
  • The documents and registries with the Federal Organizations;
  • Assisting in the enrollment process and application in courses;
  • Encouraging the student’s participation in activities at UFF and their integration to the university’s community and its academic life.


Program Evaluation (for Foreign Students)


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