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(SS(a->bc) OF X(98))

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Information from Kimberling's Encyclopedia of Triangle Centers

Trilinears            f(a,b,c) : f(b,c,a) : f(c,a,b), where f(a,b,c) = bc/(a2b4 + a2c4 - b2c4 - c 2b4)
Barycentrics    af(a,b,c) : bf(b,c,a) : cf(c,a,b)

Trilinears for X(3225) are obtained by applying the symbolic substitution (a,b,c)-->(bc,ca,ab) to trilinear coordinates of X(98). As a symbolic substitution, this mapping takes circumconics to circumconics. In particular, it maps circumcircle onto the Steiner circumellipse, which passes through X(3225).

X(3225) lies on these lines: 6,670    32,99    190,1918    290,2422    648,1974    729,886

X(3225) = isogonal conjugate of X(3229)
X(3225) = isotomic conjugate of X(698)

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