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(SS(a->bc) OF X(647))

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Information from Kimberling's Encyclopedia of Triangle Centers

Trilinears            f(a,b,c) : f(b,c,a) : f(c,a,b), where f(a,b,c) = a(b2 - c2)(c2a2 + a2b2 - b2c2)
Barycentrics    af(a,b,c) : bf(b,c,a) : cf(c,a,b)

Trilinears for X(3221) are obtained by applying the symbolic substitution (a,b,c)-->(bc,ca,ab) to trilinear coordinates of X(647). As a symbolic substitution, this mapping takes lines onto lines. In particular, points on the Euler line, X(2)X(3), with coefficients given by X(647), are mapped to the line X(6)X(194), with coefficients given by X(3221). Symbolic substitutions are introduced in the following article:

C. Kimberling, "Symbolic substitutions in the transfigured plane of a triangle," Aequationes Mathematicae 73 (2007) 156-171.

X(3221) lies on these lines: 30,511    669,2451    882,1843

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