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Information from Kimberling's Encyclopedia of Triangle Centers

Trilinears            sin A + 2 cos B cos C : sin B + 2 cos C cos A : sin C + 2 cos A cos B
Barycentrics    (sin A)(sin A + 2 cos B cos C) : (sin B)(sin B + 2 cos C cos A) : (sin C)(sin C + 2 cos A cos B)

The points X(3070) and X(3071) are on the Evans conic.

X(3070) lies on these lines:
2,490    3,485    4,6    5,372    20,1151    30,371    487,1991    642,2482    1124,1479    1335,1478    1837,2362

X(3070) = complement of X(490)
X(3070) = crosspoint of X(4) and X(485)
X(3070) = crosssum of X(3) and X(371)
X(3070) = {X(5),X(372)}-harmonic conjugate of X(615)

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