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Information from Kimberling's Encyclopedia of Triangle Centers

Trilinears           (cos B - cos C)/cos A : (cos C - cos A)/cos B : (cos A - cos B)/cos C
Barycentrics    (cos B - cos C) tan A : (cos C - cos A) tan B : (cos A - cos B) tan C

X(3064) lies on these lines: 19,649    112,2689    225,770    230,231    243,522

X(3064) = isogonal conjugate of X(1813)
X(3064) = X(I)-Ceva conjugate of X(J) for these (I,J): (108,1856), (158,2310), (278,11), (653,4), (1783,1826), (1897,33)
X(3064) = cevapoint of X(661) and X(2501)
X(3064) = X(I)-cross conjugate of X(J) for these (I,J): (661,650), (663,522), (2170,19), (2310,158)
X(3064) = crosspoint of X(I) and X(J) for these (I,J): (4,653), (92,1897), (1172,1783)
X(3064) = crosssum of X(I) and X(J) for these (I,J): (3,652), (48,1459), (905,1214)
X(3064) = crossdifference of every pair of points on the line X(3)X(73)

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