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Map Projection: Lambert (Conformal Conic)

Rogério Vaz de Almeida Jr,   Jonas Hurrelmann,   Konrad Polthier   and   Humberto José Bortolossi

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The Java Applet

To run this applet, you need the version 1.4 or higher of the Java Runtime Environment installed in your computer. A version for Microsoft Windows may be downloaded here (file j2re1.4.exe with 10 Mb).

The applet takes some time to be loaded in the first time. Please, be patient. If the applet doesn't start, you may need to change the Java settings in your browser. For the Windows XP, access the option “Java Plug-in” available in the “Control Panel”. Choose the tab “Advanced” and add the parameter --Xmx128M to the text field “Java Runtime Parameters”.

To rotate the globe, press the left button mouse over its surface, keep the button pressed and, then, drag the mouse. To zoom in or to zoom out the globe, keep the key “s” pressed, click with the left button mouse over the globe and, then, drag the mouse.

To mark a point on the Earth's surface, keep the key “i” pressed, press the left button over the globe and, then, drag the mouse. The latitude and longitude of this point will be displayed in the tab “Position” on the right side of the applet. In this same tab, there is a tool that computes the distance between capitals. The corresponding geodesical arc is drawn on the globe's surface. The applet also draws the loxodrome curve joining the two places.

To interact with the cartographic projection (the map), click on the map window (right screen) first. After that, use the “+” and “−” keys or the arrow keys to zoom in, zoom out or translate the map window, respectively.

If the globe appears flatted, please, press the “Refresh” button of your browser.
, , The Java language is not installed on your browser.