Mobility for Foreigner Students

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There are three ways to do an exchange to Universidade Federal Fluminense:

Applications for International Mobility for Undergraduate students for the second semester of 2019 (for the period of one or two semesters) will be available between March 25th and May 26th through this website. Foreign students must come to UFF with health insurance, which shall be covered during all the period of study, and a student visa, which is obtained with the acceptance letter the student will receive after being accepted by the coordination courses at UFF.

Students may have access to the list of courses offered by UFF here. For further information about the courses, please access the website of our Vice-Rectory. After getting the information, the students must get in touch with the academic coordinator of their institution in order to elaborate a study plan, which should contain the disciplines that you would like to attend at UFF.

The study plan must be approved by UFF. After filling in the application form, the academic and instutional coordinators of the home university must sign it. The Application will only be considered for analysis after the form has been scanned and sent with the respective signatures.

The following documents need to be attached:

  • Copy of your passport;
  • Official Transcript of Records in Portuguese, English or Spanish;
  • Student Presentation letter;
  • A professor recommendation letter;
  • A declaration of your Portuguese knowledge issued by your home institution or a language school.

After the student has filled in the form, it should be printed out, signed by the academic and institutional coordinators and uploaded on the specific tool.

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International Mobility to Undergraduate students

UFF Buddy Program for International Students

The applications for the Incoming Mobility of Undergraduate Medicine Students are available during the whole year at this form.

Students that are applying for a course in Medicine must be able to do or be already doing a Medical Internship (Internato Médico). The Medical Internship is a supervised internship in services, full time period, as a choice of the student or determined by the home university, in any area of medical knowledge.

The goals of this internship are:

  • To execute health actions in all general and specific attention levels;
  • To understand the activities of a specific area, either chosen on your own or by the criteria of your home university, and to understand the integration and correlation of the medical service;
  • To execute emergency services in a specific area.

The student may stay for a minimum of 1 month in each specialty to a maximum of 7 months, depending on the criteria of the home university, and each month in a specialty credits students with 135 hours of activity. The application should be done, at least, 3 months before the arrival of the student in Niterói. The student which receives the acceptance letter issued by the ICO must present it at our office with a previous notice of at least 3 days before the beginning of the internship. The Application will only be considered for analysis after the form has been scanned and sent with the respective signatures.

Students must arrive one week prior to the start of their activities, to register at the ICO first, followed by the University Hospital. When attending at the ICO, students must bring their Passports, Student Visas and a copy of their Health Insurance before they are allowed to fill out their Certificate of Arrival and receive a Declaration of Enrollment. Those two documents will then have to presented at the Hospital Universitário Antônio Pedro, in the morning of the following day, where they will be instructed on when and how their activities start in the following week.

After concluding their Medical Internship, students must visit the ICO once more, to fill their Certificate of Departure and, with this document, request their Declaration of Hours of Activity at the University Hospital. The period of stay cannot be extended in case of delayed arrivals, and for the student to receive this certificate they must have attended at least 75% of the total hourly workload of each specialty.

International medical students who wish to extend their stay at UFF must apply again, filling in a new form and competing for a new spot.

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UFF Buddy Program for International Students

The applications for the Incoming Mobility of Graduate Students are available during the whole year at this form. The application is exclusively online, there is no need to send the documents via mail post.

The student enrolled in a foreign university, that is interested in applying for international mobility for 1 or 2 semesters at UFF, must get in contact with their home university to know the internal procedures for Mobility. Once the information is obtained, it is important to confirm if UFF has a compatible course with their academic interests. UFF receives Undergraduate and Graduate students (Masters and Doctorate). The minimal period for staying at UFF in this modality is 3 months, and the maximum is 12 months.
Before finalizing the application, the student shall make a previous contact with a professor at UFF of the chosen course, who shall issue an acceptance letter so the student can participate in the international mobility. After registering in the Mobility IN website, the student will receive a confirmation link at their e-mail address to finalize the registration (please check the SPAM box). The application shall be made through the Application Form, and it is necessary to upload the passport and the acceptance letter from a professor of the course they wish to attend at UFF.
After filling in the form, it must be printed and signed by the student, their academic and their institutional coordinators. The printed, signed and stamped form must be uploaded in the specific spot. The application will only be considered for analysis after the scanned form has been sent with the respective signatures and stamp.

For further information about the post-graduation courses stricto sensu contact the home page of the Office of Post-Graduation, Research and Innovation (in Portuguese).

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